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How to obtain residence in Spain?

how to obtain residence?
13 Nov 2020

How to obtain residence in Spain?

Have you just moved to Spain? Obtain residence and therefore inevitable. Whether to work, open a business and even continue your studies.

As for obtaining your NIE , we will guide you through the steps to follow, are you ready?

  • Go to this site
  • Select your province, then click on ACEPTAR
  • Then, in the suggestion bar in front of TRAMITES CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICIA , select: POLICIA - CERTIFICADO UE , then ACEPTAR

At this point, you will be presented with the documents you will need to present, depending on your situation;
1. Proof of your appointment, which you will receive by email later. You can also print it to present it
2. Fill out the form to download here . To present in 2 copies, completed and signed.
3. Fill out the second form, by clicking here , then print it.
You will need to go to a bank with this form to pay a tax, around € 12

If you are employed:
Declaration of employment from your employer, or certificate of employment, or an employment contract registered with the public employment service.

If you are self-employed:
Registration in the census of economic activities, or proof of its establishment has registration in the trade register.

If you are a student:
1. Registration with a public or private educational center, recognized or financed by the school administration.
2. Document proving that you have health insurance, private or public
3. Document proving that you have sufficient resources for you and the members of your family for the period of residence in Spain.

If you are not working:
1. A document proving that you have public or private health insurance, taken out in Spain, which provides you with cover in Spain during your period of residence.
2. Document proving that you have sufficient resources for yourself and your family members for the period of residence in Spain.

  • Click on ENTRAR to continue:
  • Enter the requested information, ACEPTAR
  • On the next page, press the SOLICITAR CITA button
  • Choose the office where you want to meet, then SIGUIENTE
  • Enter your phone number and email, SIGUIENTE
  • Select your appointment among the available times, SIGUIENTE
  • Confirm your information. You will then receive a code by SMS that must be entered next to: CODIGO to confirm your appointment.
  • Click on CONFIRMAR and it's over!

All you have to do is gather the requested documents, depending on your situation.

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