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Why sell with a real estate agent ?

Why sell with a real estate agent ?
8 Feb 2023

Sell with a real estate agency?

Have you decided to sell your property? And you ask yourself this famous question: With or without an agency?
Some are for, others are against, but for what reasons? Why should you trust a real estate agency?
Invest For Home, your real estate agency in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa , gives you 4 good reasons to trust us

1. Knowledge of the real estate market

With their knowledge of the markets, our agents will know how to estimate the price of your property as accurately as possible.

2. More visibility

As beautiful can be your property, if no one sees it, no one will buy it.
By going through Invest For Home , you will benefit from many advertising media such as:
1. Agency windows, which are often the first place of research for buyers
2. Our website and its newsletter which will allow your property to be seen by our database of potential buyers
3. Our network of collaborators, trusted professionals with whom we are used to working, and who each have their own customer base.

3. You don't take care of anything

Your agent will take care of organizing the visits at the best time of the day for your good to be highlighted. he will also take care of regulations, mandatory diagnostics, drafting of the sales agreement , everything that has a legal aspect to ensure that everything is done in the rules, thus avoiding any problem at the time of signing .

4. Are you away?

In case of unavailability on your part, your real estate agent can represent you when signing at the notary. No need to travel, to deprogram a trip etc.
We take care of everything!

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